Sasha Roiz and Alice Evans Sasha Roiz and Alice Evans

Heading up Portland's police department is lonely work, but Capt. Sean Renard is about to get some company.

On Friday's Grimm (9/8c, NBC), a blonde named Mia (The Vampire Diaries' Alice Evans) hits town and reconnects with Renard (Sasha Roiz). "It's an old flame. She's basically the female version of me," Roiz tells "We have a shared history; that's why we make such a good match. She rekindles certain feelings."

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Those feelings eventually lead to the bedroom in a scene that unfortunately ended up on the cutting-room floor. "There are some conversations and some things that went on in that scene that will now be posted online," he promises. "It's a very revealing scene. Sadly, it got cut because the episode was just too long, but it's definitely something that fans, if they demand it, can check out."  (Tweet #ShirtlessRage to let NBC know you want to see it!)

Of course, nothing in the world of Grimm is as it seems, including the captain. Fans have already learned two of Renard's major secrets: He's a bastard of one of the royal Seven Houses and is a half-human, half-witchlike-Hexenbiest hybrid. Wesen politics rule his hidden life, and Mia is part of that world. "She's a woman who definitely knows how to play the various factions and manipulate them," Roiz explains. "You sometimes see with Renard that there's a respect that he has for other people who play the game. It's always a question of loyalty, but it's just understood that this is the way of the world and there are no hard feelings."

That doesn't sound terribly romantic, but love is a bit of a luxury for the busy captain. "He's just got so much on his plate that there's so little time to even consider that as a realistic option," says Roiz. "The balance of power of the New World and the Old World are completely at stake now, with everything he's worked toward this season is at risk. So I think at the moment, you're not going to find him on eHarmony any time soon. That would be quite the profile, wouldn't it?"

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Somehow we doubt Renard would include "royal bastard" or "hybrid Hexenbiest" on an online dating profile anyway, since he's struggled with those labels his whole life. "If you take the paradigm of the bastard, you're born into this world handicapped, certainly if you're raised in royal circles," says Roiz. "So there's instantly going to be a level of self-hatred and certainly resentment toward the family. You're talking about a man who's moved across the world to be away from these people and to re-establish himself and reassert himself. There's definitely someone who's created this persona, someone who's created this mystique about himself, what he wants to be and what he sees himself as."

But with all manner of cousins, Wesen assassins and the like crossing the Atlantic to pop up in Portland, Renard is finding it difficult to maintain his anonymity. This season introduced his brother Eric (James Frain), who occasionally calls the captain from a castle in Europe. "There's this family — quite a large one at that — and as with many of these royal families, there are all of these half-brothers, brothers, cousins, nephews, everyone trying to usurp one another and vie for a position of power and authority. It will be interesting to see how it plays out."

Renard isn't the only person drawing these players to Portland on Wesen business. His underling Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) is a detective who recently came into his birthright as a Grimm, someone who can identify the creatures beneath the Wesen's human guise. "Currently Renard's mission is to help hone and build this Grimm into a powerful ally," says Roiz. "That mission has become increasingly pressing now that the family has gotten wind of the fact that he's got a Grimm in his power and possession, which will ultimately lead to a major power dynamic."

Somehow, Nick has yet to see his captain's Wesen nature, but viewers finally got a glimpse when Renard drank a potion, which unleashed a violent and erratic morphing episode that revealed his hybrid nature. "In revealing that part of himself, you get an insight into who he is, somebody who's clearly hiding a big part of himself, which he feels a certain shame about," Roiz says. "In the upcoming episodes, the effects of the potion are going to affect his emotional life and wreak havoc on the self-control that he so beautifully honed over all of these years. It'll be interesting to see him unravel."

And if that weren't bad enough, another blonde will come back into the captain's life. His former associate Adalind (Claire Coffee), who lost her Hexenbiest powers to Nick, "is going to become an increasing thorn in Renard's side. That will definitely lend itself to some interesting stories."

Grimm airs Fridays at 9/8c on NBC.