Grimm's hero Nick Burkhardt (David Guintoli) has always fought to protect the people of Portland from wesen threats, but heading into the fifth season finale, he may have to re-examine his loyalties if he wants to keep those closest to him safe.

In tomorrow's season finale, the war between Black Claw, the underground wesen group trying to usurp the Portland government and the Hadrian's Wall resistance will come to a head. Since Black Claw officially has Adalind (Claire Coffee) and Nick's baby son Kelly under its control, Nick will have to decide if he will continue fighting the good fight or let Black Claw recruit him in order to protect his family.

In the clip above, Black Claw head Conrad Bonaparte (Shaun Toub), is willing to go to extreme lengths to bring Nick over to the wesen. "He is a powerful man and he knows it. It's a dangerous combination when someone knows it. He's playing a chess game. He's putting the board in front of them and trying to get as many good pieces as possible," Toub explains to "Bonaparte is basically trying to recruit Nick because of his connections. He's using Adalind as well. He's trying to recruit as many of them as possible in order to put together a group and a source of power that can control."

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The end game is to take over the local government so that the wesen can live openly in their true forms. A Grimm would be handy in helping Black Claw keep wesen that aren't in the regime in line. Bonaparte is willing to do a lot of despicable things to make that dream come true, and right now Nick's family is in the crosshairs. "He feels that he is on the right side of history," Toub says. "He won't stop at anything. He will sacrifice anyone, including using the kids. He'll use even the baby to bring Nick along."

Even though Nick has been lending his assistance to the Black Claw resistance, Hadrian's Wall, he hasn't officially committed to either side of the war. Can he remain neutral if Black Claw has already taken hold of the government? If Black Claw has his family, would he consider helping the wesen to make sure they stay safe? If Bonaparte really goes after Kelly, Nick may not have a choice in which side he ends up on.

The super-sized Grimm season finale airs Friday night at 8/7c on NBC.