David Giuntoli, Matt Ryan David Giuntoli, Matt Ryan

NBC kicks off two hours of creepy goodness this fall on its new genre Friday night.

Beginning Oct. 24, the network's monster drama Grimm kicks off the night at 9/8c with Nick (David Giuntoli) reeling from having his Grimm powers stolen from him when he had sex with who he thought was his girlfriend but was actually a Hexenbiest in disguise. Oops!

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At 10/9c, the new supernatural series Constantine, based on the characters from the Hellblazer comics, brings hellfire and brimstone when dark exorcist and occult detective John Constantine (Matt Ryan) hits town. He's a "nasty piece of work," Ryan says. "Not your standard superhero with a cape. He's a fraudster and a trickster."

Check out the rest of the exclusive clip below of NBC's new Friday lineup:

Grimm returns on Friday, Oct. 24 at 9/8c, followed by the premiere of Constantine at 10/9c on NBC.