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On Saturday, Grimm stars David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie LeeSasha Roiz, Bree Turner and Claire Coffee joined executive producers Jim Kouf, David Greenwalt and Norberto Barba at Comic-Con to greet all of their Grimmsters.

As fans may recall, our Grimm (Giuntoli) was stripped of his powers on Monroe (Mitchell) and Rosalee's (Turner) wedding day, thanks to that annoying Hexenbiest Adalind (Coffee), whose baby was stolen away. Also, newbie Grimm Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni) joined the gang, but her skills weren't enough to save Renard (Roiz) from being riddled with bullets.

So what can we expect in Season 4? Get the scoop below: 

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Renard lives?
"I kind of saw it coming, so it's not a huge surprise," Roiz said about his fate in last season's finale. "I think we'll try to find some interesting way to bring him back. We'll see what happens."

MonRosalee's wedding night "We try and make a honeymoon but things are complicated in Portland these days," Mitchell said. "The Grimm has been un-Grimmed... things are turned upside-down." Turner added, "We are exposed now as Wesen harboring this Grimm. We put ourselves on the line with this wedding... and Rosalee's worst nightmare came true with the Red Wedding sequel."

How Nick is coping "Trubel is now my seeing-eye Grimm," Giuntoli said. "I would hope I get the powers back on some level, but domestic life is much easier when I'm not having to kill monsters."

Adalind's offspring "There will be some baby seen," Greenwalt promised. "That's for sure. [With the purple eyes,] it's like Liz Taylor as a baby."

First Look: Meet Grimm's newest Wesen — Octo-Man!

Juliette's ability to forgive "She is having a meltdown," Tulloch says of Nick's inadvertent magic. It remains to be seen whether or not she forgives him. But he has a very pretty face.

When Wu will learn the truth "There are a bunch of questions that have to be answered," Lee said, before joking, "I think that there is some shirted rage coming this season"

New Wesen We'll see a Chupacabra this season, plus the Gedächtnis Esser, aka Octo-Man, who "steals your identity in a very disgusting way," Greenwalt said. 

Delving deeper "There will be another key this year," Greenwalt said. "We'll answer what those seven keys mean and what they lead to."

Grimm returns on Friday, Oct. 24 at 9/8c on NBC.

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