Chandra Wilson Chandra Wilson

Last May's chilling Grey's Anatomy season finale was so perfect just about the only thing missing was a big musical number. And I've just learned that one was actually filmed, but didn't make the cut because of all the characters that were shot.

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Sadly, there just wasn't enough room in the bullet-riddled finale to include everything that was filmed, and a lot of gems ended up on the cutting room floor. But the musical scene, as well as some other juicy tidbits adding up to an additional 18 minutes, will be included on Grey's Anatomy's Season 6 DVD (out Sept. 14).

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"Callie [Sara Ramirez] sings to a patient in the children's ward to calm her down," previews Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes. "Lexie [Chyler Leigh] gets thrown out of an ambulance. Bailey [Chandra Wilson] gives the monologue of her life to Mary [guest star Mandy Moore] during the lockdown, and Mary's husband [Ryan Devlin] gives a really beautiful speech about what happened to Mary. We had to lose a lot of really great stuff."

I should say if you're hoping to hear Sara sing on the scale of her Tony-award winning performance in Broadway's Spamalot, you should temper your expectations. I hear it's more of a sweet scene that'll make us go "aww," rather than "Encore, Encore!"

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