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The crossover between Cristina's personal and professional life took a sudden twist in Thursday's new episode of Grey's Anatomy. As if life at the hospital wasn't awkward enough after Teddy (Kim Raver) confessed her undying love for Owen (Kevin McKidd), now Cristina (Sandra Oh) has decided to offer Owen to Teddy. spoke to McKidd about the offer, how this will affect Cristina and Owen's relationship and what's next for the triangle. For those who may have missed tonight's jaw-dropping closing to Grey's Anatomy, let's talk about the offer, or bomb, Cristina drops.
Kevin McKidd:
It gets complicated. Teddy realizes she can't be around him because she loves him, but Cristina needs Teddy because she's the best mentor she's ever had and is exactly what Cristina has been crying out for. It becomes this big moment of Cristina blurting out to Teddy that she can have Owen if she'll stay. She just needs to stay and she can have her boyfriend.

Grey's Anatomy: Kim Raver says Owen-Cristina love not going anywhere How does Owen feel about this offer?
Owen's not too happy about that because he suddenly feels like a baseball card. There's a lot of fallout to do with that and there's a lot of complication and exploration of their relationship. It's really interesting. It becomes very intense because of that. How is he handling being between two women?
Bless his heart, listen, if it was my life, I would've never have got some lady that I had any kind of past with, however great fit she was as a surgeon, to come work at the hospital. Owen doesn't make the best decisions sometimes. He's kind of hot-headed sometimes. I think he's regretting it on a certain level, because it's very complicated. He really loves Cristina. There's been a lot of talk about, "Is he conflicted between the two?" I don't think he is, but I think he has a deep connection with Teddy. He's finding it very tough and it's choppy waters to navigate.

Watch full episodes of Grey's Anatomy But he really does love Cristina?
Of course, yeah. He's not a bad guy and I don't think he's flakey in that respect. I don't think he's flip-flopping between two women, but he realizes that Cristina really needs Teddy and Teddy really, obviously, still has some feelings for him. He has feelings for her because they've been through so much together and living in a war zone. It's almost like people who climb Mount Everest, they know more about each other than the person's wife, you know what I mean? There's an intense knowledge of each other that Teddy and Owen have that he and Cristina don't have. That's what makes it an interesting triangle.

Grey's Kim Raver takes permanent residence at Seattle Grace Will Teddy take Cristina up on that offer?
At the moment, it's still hanging out there. When Owen's found out what the deal is, you don't know what he's going to do. You expect him to go, "OK, fine, if that's the way you want it, then good luck to you," but he doesn't, he does the opposite. He actually goes, "I'm not going to let you do this, I'm going to be the strong one in this situation. That's a bad decision you just made and I'm really ... hurt about it and I'm not going to let you throw me away, so we're going to work through this." She regrets it and doesn't regret it at the same time. She finds it is something that was obviously in her subconscious that came out, and she has to address whether she meant it. It becomes a very key thing in their relationship. They have to really look at each other. This season, they've kind of been deflecting the truth, avoiding dealing with things between them, and this really brings everything to a head.

Should Teddy take Cristina up on that offer?