Grey's Anatomy by Ron Tom/ABC Grey's Anatomy by Ron Tom/ABC
Our final refresher features a look at Mark Sloan's (aka McSteamy) promiscuous behavior and his recent advances on Dr. Hahn.

The Couple: Mark Sloan (

Eric Dane) and Erica Hahn ( Brooke Smith) Where We Were: McSteamy earned his nickname because of his bedroom eyes and overtly flirty nature, but as we've gotten to know plastic surgeon Mark Sloan, we've realized that his nickname might as well be McSlutty. He burst on to the scene in the second season as the guy who was Derek's best friend before sleeping with Addison. That's a good best friend right there! After Derek slept with Meredith at prom, he apologized to Addison for having a part in the destruction of their marriage but when Sloan McSteamily appeared half naked out of her shower, Derek was freed of any lingering guilt. After several more Sloan-Addison hookups (or "cross-continental booty calls"), she finally dumped him for good. Although he first turned to a recently wounded Callie to ease his pain, Sloan moved on to rebuilding his bromance with Derek and zeroing in "fresh meat" Dr. Erica Hahn. Hahn, being the no no bulls- t kinda girl she is, didn't fall for his charms. She did seem slightly flattered by his attention, but told him it ain't gonna happen. Where They're Headed: Even though there were rumors that Dr. Hahn might be gay - and could be paired with one of the ladies on the show (Cristina hey, I didn't start that rumor) - it seems the producers aren't taking Hahn's character in that direction. Which means, most likely, that Sloan will simply amp up his advances until Hahn finally cracks. Or until Sloan contracts some sort of VD. Possible Roadblocks: Addison is returning for an episode, which could throw Hahn for a loop if she does start having feelings for Sloan. We know he's not over her at all. And let's not discount that producers have hinted that Callie could turn to Mark in her time of need. Hmm, can we say "f- k buddy?" As Ausiello said, just because ABC claims the couple won't necessarily be doing the "jiggery-pokery" doesn't mean they won't sneak off for a romp in her old "room" in the basement. - Erin Fox Have more catching up to do? Use our Online Video Guide to watch full episodes of Grey's Anatomy now! And don't miss our photo gallery of Grey's Most Jaw-dropping Moments!