Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy by Craig Sjodin/ABC Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy by Craig Sjodin/ABC
This is the first in a series of Grey's

refreshers to get you back up to speed before the show's April 24 return. Each recap will focus on one of the many couples at Seattle Grace. So why not kick it off with the most on-again/off-again duo on television?

The Couple: Meredith Grey ( Ellen Pompeo) and Derek Shepherd ( Patrick Dempsey) Where They Were: Meredith informed McDreamy that the duo was indeed broken up following her little speech at Burke and Yang's almost wedding, but she did allow a breakup kiss. And then some breakup sex. And then lots and lots of breakup sex. Derek realizes his desire for commitment makes Meredith want to run, but he tells her he'll wait for her to be ready. But what if someone else comes along? Meredith finally decides to tell Derek she doesn't want him to see other people, but chickens out when she has the chance. Rose, the scrub nurse who's been making eyes at Derek, saves the day by repairing a computer during one of his surgeries. When they exchange compliments, Derek kisses Rose, but he doesn't tell Meredith about the kiss because she finally commits to him by asking him not to date. When Derek shows Meredith house plans, her lack of enthusiasm proves she's not as committed as she said, but he tells Rose he must see the relationship through regardless. But when George spills the beans about Derek and Rose's kiss, the couple breaks up (again), and Derek asks Rose to dinner. Where They're Headed: Despite their roller-coaster love affair, creator Shonda Rhimes has told us that she sees Mer and Der together for good by the end of the season. Whether or not we can expect a ring or even a wedding is still up in the air, and there is still plenty of doubt among viewers. Luckily, if things work out, Derek still has those house plans! Possible Roadblocks: Though she'll probably be wilted by Derek's back-and-forth attitude, Rose could still definitely be a thorn in Meredith's side. Plus, let's not forget that, at least to this point, the Grey's writers have found it impossible for any couple in the confines of Seattle Grace to be happy together for any consistent period of time. Could a bit of sunshine actually pierce through those rainy Seattle clouds? We'll find out soon enough! - Adam Bryant Have more catching up to do? Use our Online Video Guide to watch full episodes of Grey's Anatomy now! And don't miss our photo gallery of Grey's Most Jaw-dropping Moments!