Chandra Wilson in Grey's Anatomy by Ron Tom/ABC Chandra Wilson in Grey's Anatomy by Ron Tom/ABC
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refreshers continues with a look at the recently rocky marriage of Dr. Miranda Bailey and Tucker Jones.

The Couple: Miranda Bailey ( Chandra Wilson) and Tucker Jones ( Cress Williams) Where They Were: After Bailey successfully delivered the couple's first child (despite George staring at her va-jay-jay and Tucker lying in emergency brain surgery during the middle of a Seattle Grace bomb crisis), it seemed like this couple had overcome their share of adversity. But when Tucker became increasingly frustrated with Miranda's work schedule and her dedication to the hospital, things became pretty icy around the Bailey-Jones household. The turmoil bubbled over in the last pre-strike episode when Tucker blamed Bailey for baby Tuck's critical injuries after the tot was trapped under an overturned bookshelf - even while Bailey blamed Tucker for the same. Though the couple momentarily put their differences aside, the episode ended with Bailey watching over the toddler while Tucker moved into a hotel. Where They're Headed: The aforementioned hotel seems proof enough that the road ahead for these two will have an excess of bumps. But don't lose hope just yet. Bailey has vowed to spend more time with her husband, and wants to have her son baptized. Plus, don't forget that the Chief has battled his own share of similar spouse-versus-career issues, and as creator Shonda Rhimes told us, there may be reconciliation in that marriage. Let's hope Bailey and Tucker (formerly the only couple unscathed by the show's tumultuous plotlines) can find a similar path to healing. Possible Roadblocks: Tucker might find room service at the hotel a bit too good to leave behind, and Bailey's heart is probably still devoted to her work. Unless she's willing to give up her fast track to chief of surgery, the demands of being chief resident are going to make patching up the holes in her patients and her marriage no easy task. - Adam Bryant Have more catching up to do? Use our Online Video Guide to watch full episodes of Grey's Anatomy now! And don't miss our photo gallery of Grey's Most Jaw-dropping Moments!