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Yes, Grey's Anatomy's Dr. Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) will ultimately end up in a wedding gown — but whether or not any vows are exchanged with her fiancé, Ben (Jason George), remains to be seen.

"Bailey is not participating," explains Wilson of the nuptials, set for the madcap December 13 episode. "She already had a wedding with her first husband, so she's not excited to make the same vows in front of the same people again. Plus, she has a lot of patients in the hospital. It's a particularly hectic time for her to get whisked off to a wedding. People might show up, but Bailey's priorities get diverted."

That means it's up to friends (like Cristina, Callie and Richard) and family (Miranda's mother Elena [Bianca Taylor] and cousin Claire [Kelli Kirkland]) to try to get her to the church on time.

"Cristina says the reason she agreed to her own wedding ceremony is because she knew it was important to Owen," says Wilson. "And the Chief talks to Bailey about how nervous he was when he married Adele and that he regrets spending so much time at work when he could have been savoring his relationship."

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