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Until Grey's Anatomy returns (Jan. 14 at 9/8c), ABC has launched Seattle Grace: On Call, a series of documentary-style webisodes on that delves into the lives of some of the lesser-known characters at the hospital. In the final episode of the Web series (which launches Jan. 21), Dr. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) will stop by Joe's Emerald City Bar. hit the set to find out why Owen is singing a sad tune, who's having baby daddy drama and why the show needs another love triangle.

On Call, for those of you who haven't tuned in, centers on the new interns of Seattle Grace. Megan (Molly Kidder), the intern who was fired during the merger, takes center stage in the series, as she attempts to figure out whether ex-boyfriend Pierce (Joseph Williamson) or new hubby Steve (Mark Saul) got her pregnant. "The paternity test doesn't quite go the way I think it's going to," Kidder says. "It goes the opposite of how I expect it and that's the risk."

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In the final episode, which airs Jan. 21, a brawl ensues. Steve just may get his vengeance on Pierce, who mangled his hand last season in a fight over Megan. "You will find some revenge," Saul tells us of the fight. "You'll be surprised. Someone will get knocked down."

This is when Dr. Hunt saves the day. A shocking development in Owen's relationship will drive him to Joe's to blow off some steam. When the throwdown between house band members — and Seattle Grace interns — Steve and Pierce, leaves the bar music-less, Owen steps in to entertain the masses. Yes, he sings!

Grey's Anatomy debuts webisodes

Meanwhile, another love triangle has formed in the Web series. On Grey's, Charles (Robert Baker) has a thing for Reed (Nora Zehetner), who is developing feelings for Alex (Justin Chambers). Add On Call's Ryan (Brandon Scott) to that mix, as he's now in the running for Reed's heart as well. "She's a firecracker," Scott says. "Every man needs a strong woman to put them in their place." Baker adds, "Everyone is in love with the wrong person."

Though the final webisode resolves the triangle, Reed's feelings for Alex, who is still married to Izzie, remain complicated. "I don't think she's somebody that sets out after someone's husband. She genuinely didn't mean to fall for Alex," Zehetner says. "Obviously he's a very attractive guy and he's shown a vulnerable side to her."

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"Hopefully people are starting to warm up," she says of the viewers' chilly reception for Reed. "[The writers] wanted her to be as abrasive as Alex sometimes, so I started off strong. They wanted her to be a strong match for him, at least professionally."

So maybe Reed and Charles should get together and leave our beloved newlyweds alone? Zehetner jokes, "I think we're the two most hated characters on the show right now. If they tried to put us together, I think people would use that moment to take a bathroom break or fast-forward through our scenes."

Have you been tuning into the webisodes? Would you want to see Reed and Charles hook up? Discuss in the comments.