Grey's Anatomy I think my mother, Joan, summed it up best: "I like these catch-up episodes. Just like last week's Desperate Housewives recap, it helped me to get caught up since I missed a few here and there." Thanks, Joan. And it especially helps when you love the show. This hour did a great job capturing just about all the best scenes, plus it solidified exactly why we love the show so much: It has great characters whom we care about. But what goes into making great characters is a combination of fantastic writing and top-notch acting. Thank you, Writers Guild, for nominating

Grey's for Outstanding Achievement in Writing for a Dramatic Series and thank you, Screen Actors Guild, for nominating Patrick Dempsey for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series, Sandra Oh for best actress and the entire cast for drama series ensemble. It was great to relive so many of the best moments: Addison revealing that she cheated on Derek rather than the opposite, Burke getting into the hospital bed with a crying Cristina and comforting her in front of her mother, George flying solo on the stalled elevator ("I've got my finger in a heart") and Izzie's best line ever: "Because it's what Jesus would freakin' do!" But my favorite part of tonight's recap was seeing all the times Izzie and Meredith have said "seriously," all edited together. I have been saying that word quite often, both to myself and aloud, because of this show. Seriously.