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"Who's going to survive?"

That's what the new trailer for the ninth season of Grey's Anatomy asks. So, um, does that mean more death is on the way? Naturally, with the exit of Eric Dane from the series — and the deafening silence from executive producer Shonda Rhimes on the fate of Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) — fans have suspected that one of the two beloved doctors would meet their maker as a result of last season's plane crash.

Grey's Anatomy: Will Arizona Robbins and Mark Sloan die?

In the new trailer, someone is being pushed on a gurney through the hospital. Could it be the potentially ill-fated Mark, who had suffered chest injuries during the crash, or Arizona, who was not only last seen coughing up blood, but also had a bone sticking out of her leg? Maybe Derek (Patrick Dempsey) is being wheeled in to get his hand fixed up? Another question: Is the gurney even being pushed through the hallowed halls of Seattle Grace? Check out the trailer below:

Who do you think will survive?

Grey's Anatomy returns Thursday, Sept. 27 at 9/8c on ABC.