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Meredith and Derek are on the backburner no more.

While Season 7 has seen major storylines for Cristina and her PTSD, Lexie and Mark's relationship, and Callie's pregnancy and tribulations with Arizona, fans have been wondering when the Grey of Grey's Anatomy would step back into the spotlight.

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This season has been especially unfortunate for Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), who suffered a miscarriage in the Season 6 finale. And then, in trying to get pregnant again, Meredith wound up using fertility drugs that made her temporarily blind.

The current baby fever at Seattle Grace, of course, hasn't helped.

"Meredith and Derek have been dealing with infertility, and it's starting to be a really sore point," executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells "Part of [the musical episode] is about really bringing up how painful it is for Meredith to be watching other people get pregnant, have babies and deal with that other stuff."

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The Alzheimer's clinical trial, which Derek and Meredith have been laboring over this season, will be the catalyst for a new storyline. "We've been using the clinical trial for a while and that's going to launch into a very big story about them as we head towards the end of the season," she says.

Are you excited for more Meredith and Derek?