Grey's Anatomy
Remember the year

Alias followed the Super Bowl? ABC made sure Sydney Bristow was scantily clad so that all the testosterone-fueled football fans would keep their network on, hoping for boffo ratings. I was wondering how they would achieve the same effect tonight with

Grey's, so how perfect was it to start the episode with George having a steamy dream? Hilarious. Of course, his dream ended with him confessing his love for Meredith. Oh, George. I loved how Cristina went from saying to Meredith "This is me being supportive," to "Whatever! Everybody has problems!" Cristina's second statement certainly summed up the episode. Now we all know what a Code Black is, and if you're ever in a hospital and you hear someone scream those words, leave! You know that it's a "very special episode" when the series creator writes it, and Shonda Rhimes did a fantastic job, as did director Peter Horton. And they certainly didn't waste the talents of guest star Christina Ricci as the new paramedic getting "hands-on" experience well, just one hand. Can we say intense? Then they throw in the fact that the car-crash victim is Bailey's never-before-seen husband, who was speeding to the hospital because she was in labor. Then the anesthesiologist guy bailed "I've got kids" leaving poor Hannah all alone. This episode had me so on the edge of my seat, I thought I was watching 24! Last week I said it was Ellen Pompeo's and Katherine Heigl's best work yet. This week I can say that about Chandra Wilson. Never thought I'd see George hug Bailey. George Bailey, hmm, never noticed that before. Jillian Armenante (Judging Amy) was awesome as the screaming wife, and I hope to see more scenes with guest stars Kyle Chandler as the bomb-squad dude and Cress Williams as Bailey's hubby next week, when this cliff-hanger concludes. Dave Anderson