After three weeks of medical traumas, the doctors on Grey's Anatomyare back to focusing on their love lives and all is right(ish) in the Grey Sloan world.

Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is distracting herself from thinking about Derek by throwing herself into work - i.e. taking on extra cases and starting her morning rounds in the middle of the night, not to mention pitching a "no-hitter" since the middle of November. But can she keep up the streak?

Not sooner does Jo (Camilla Luddington) bring up Meredith's record to Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) than an earthquake shakes Grey Sloan, conveniently leaving Maggie stranded in an elevator with the (super cute) radiology staffer Ethan, and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) needing protection from Ben (Jason Winston George) in the hallway, loath as she is to admit it. Ben's knight-in-shining-armor routine leaves Bailey with the perfect opportunity to ask if he's called his transgender sister lately. (He hasn't.)

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After a few weeks' absence, April (Sarah Drew) is back on the floor, Maggie (Kelly McCreary) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) are dealing with a very sexually adventurous elderly patient, and Alex (Justin Chambers), Jo and Meredith are treating a group of skiers who were on a lift when the earthquake hit. Meanwhile, Owen (Kevin McKidd) picks up an emergency call from a young girl whose mother is injured.

Turns out the skiing injuries belong to a dysfunctional group who are being forcibly merged together through marriage. "Sometimes adversity can make a family stronger," Meredith - who, at the moment, is choosing medical charts over her husband - lies through her teeth.

A quick Dr. Herman update! Remember her? She's texting Arizona (Jessica Capshaw), but is still blind. I'm guessing this is the last we'll see of that story line ...

Elsewhere in the hospital, Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Ben are working with a patient who wants a breast augmentation (but it's just to please her boyfriend), while Maggie and Callie are arguing over their patient wanting a surgery that will rejuvenate her lady parts, at the possible expense of her heart.

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A fringe benefit of Owen counseling "Ruby" through treating her mother (Read: literally giving instructions to a 10-year-old on how to properly stab a s'mores skewer into her mother's ribcage, and then perform CPR) is that it provides him ample bonding time with Amelia (Caterina Scorsone). And she's impressed not only with his medical prowess, but also his ability to interact with children - "Stayin' Alive," anyone? Points for Owen!

A fringe benefit of Maggie and Callie's patient, on the other hand, is that Maggie gets to run into cute Radiology Ethan (that grin!) twice in one day - and Callie can experience sexual satisfaction vicariously, through one of her patients. Ethan, predictably, asks Maggie out, but she inexplicably turns down his offer.

In the OR, Meredith tries to keep her streak going while at the same time convincing herself (and Alex) that she and Derek are in a contented "groove," not a "rut," basically using the evidence that she's not in a "cancer marriage" like Alex was with Izzy, or dating a patient with amnesia, or dating a nurse with syphilis. Low bars, Meredith. Low. Bars.

After a bit of prodding from Callie, Maggie explains that she won't date a radiologist. Callie initially thinks it's an Upstairs/Downstairs (a.k.a. snobbish) thing, but Maggie later confesses that her single status is the result of her never being able to truly connect with someone. "I'm a little lonely, but fine," Maggie admits. This literally summarizes every doctor who has ever set foot in Grey Sloan Memorial, at some point. Callie - who really is all about vicarious dating at this point-- gives her a bit of a pep talk, and Maggie runs out of the room.

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Owen panics after Ruby's call drops, but she and her mother eventually arrive at the hospital in time for her mother to undergo surgery. Owen babysits his aspiring ????? while Amelia operates on her mother in an OR room. I smell a meet-cute story waiting to happen ...

And Ben uses a woman who wants a nose job as an entry point to ask Jackson for advice on how to deal with his sister. Jackson basically imparts a "live and let live" philosophy, and tells Ben they have a responsibility to enable patients to have their appearance match how they've always seen themselves. Preach, Jackson! After this convo, Ben tells Bailey he called his sister, and apologizes for being snippy earlier. (But he still owes her a dinner and ... other things.)

Everyone knows you can't comment on a no-hit streak during a game, but Jo does just that and, like clockwork, Meredith gives up on her surgery. It's not lost on her that she's had a perfect record literally since the day Derek left. Does that mean she's better off without him? Stay tuned.

Callie and Maggie's patient advises them to put their "healthy hips" to good use - she's certainly going to upon being discharged, with her (apparently numerous) paramours. Feeling inspired, Maggie agrees to go on a date with Cute Ethan at the end of the week. Amelia and Owen share a sweet, lingering hug in the hallway - and then get it on feverishly in an on-call room.

Meredith, meanwhile, realizes that she's "kind of amazing," even in Derek's absence, but her amazingness is even better when she has someone to share it with. Awww.

But ... all that goes out the window when Meredith calls Derek's phone and a strange woman answers - then abruptly hangs up when she realizes who's on the other end. Uh-oh!

What do you think, Grey's fans? Is Derek really cheating on Meredith? Are you happy that Amelia and Owen are maybe getting together? And are you rooting for Maggie to get a love interest? Sound off in the comments!

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