After a midseason finale that raised a lot of questions, Grey's Anatomy kept fans on the hook for at least one more week by tossing out a bottle episode on Thursday. Though the episode in itself was a solid — even good - hour, it's likely that it will leave a lot of fans yelling at their screens in frustration.

Here's what we still don't know: Whether Alex (Justin Chambers) turned himself in and will spend two years in prison, what Owen (Kevin McKidd) did after finding that Dear John note from Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), where Amelia went after walking out on Owen, and whether Webber (James Pickens Jr.) will lose his job.

We're still in the dark about all those things because, as previously teased, the winter premiere followed Jo (Camilla Luddington), Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) as they headed to prison to treat a 16-year-old pregnant inmate, who also happened to be a violent nightmare of a patient. When all was said and done, the teen gave birth to a healthy baby girl, and everyone learned a few lessons along the way.

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Bailey discovered that her prejudices about prisoners and the way prisons are run was perhaps unfounded. Arizona realized that her sunny demeanor doesn't play well with everyone. The patient, Kristen (Anna Jacoby-Heron), abandoned her tough-girl attitude after she went into labor and begged for her mother, who wants nothing to do with her. And Jo saw a little bit of herself in Kristen, in terms of having absent parents.

In the car on the way back to Grey Sloan after their interminably long day, Bailey overrules Jo's pleas for some good news and spills the beans that Alex was planning to turn himself in. Jo's reaction? To get out of the car and throw up by the side of the road, no doubt suspecting (correctly) that he made the decision to spare her the emotional expense of testifying in a trial. Or did he? We'll have to wait until at least next week to find out.

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