Grey's Anatomy 
Poor George. As many expected, sleeping with Meredith ended up not being the experience George was hoping for. I was really glad they waited until the end to show that scene of the two of them in bed together, treating it like a flashback in George's mind rather than opening the episode with it. Hopefully he'll get over the devastation, and moving out will certainly help matters. I'm loving

Sara Ramirez as Dr. Callie Torres she'll for sure help George get his mind off Meredith. I was very excited to read that Sara was joining the show as a recurring character she won a Tony award for her performance in

Monty Python's Spamalot. Speaking of George, he narrated both the opening and closing of the show instead of Meredith. Perhaps they'll switch the narrator each week? You know I love me some George, but the show isn't called "O'Malley's Anatomy," you know? OK, let's talk about the absolute funniest scene: Addison hysterically crying because she has poison oak on her va-jay-jay, and the sound of her crying making Bailey lactate! Classic. I also enjoyed seeing Alex get jealous of Izzie's attraction to Denny, and it was very nice of George to apologize for what he did to Olivia. And how horrible for that woman to leave her fiancé with the aneurysm. That was Mark Harelik (Jack's boss on Will & Grace) as the patient and Ann (sister of John and Joan) Cusack as the fiancée. I predict GLAAD will be nominating this episode for its positive portrayal of the gay parents (played by Jonathan Slavin and Matt Roth). Would we expect anything less from our favorite show? Dave Anderson