Neve Campbell, Patrick Dempsey Neve Campbell, Patrick Dempsey

Scream reunion!

Grey's Anatomy has enlisted Scream star Neve Campbell to play one of Derek's four sisters, has confirmed. It's unclear which sister she'll be playing, the psychiatrist Kathleen or the as yet unnamed fourth sister, but we've already met the other two: Embeth Davitz played Nancy and Caterina Scorsone currently plays Amelia on Private Practice.

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Her arrival comes as Derek (Patrick Dempsey) has turned to teaching since his hand isn't fully operational after it was mangled in last season's plane crash. Check out the photos of Professor Derek here. It's a reunion of sorts for Dempsey and Campbell who co-starred in Scream 3. He played a detective who investigates the Ghostface murders and later takes a romantic interest in Sidney (Campbell).

As first reported by, the Party of Five alum will appear in at least two episodes slated to air in December.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.