Mandy Moore, <i>Grey's Anatomy</i> Mandy Moore, Grey's Anatomy

Just when the doctors of Seattle Grace Mercy West are staring to get back to normal, they will receive a blast from the past reminding them of that horrible May day when a crazed gunman began killing doctors and nurses left and right.

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Mandy Moore, so memorable in May's two-part season finale, returns to Grey's Anatomy in the sixth episode of its new season. Fans will recall Mandy's character, Mary (or Bloody Mary as I like to think of her), was the unfortunate patient coping with a colostomy bag when fate called upon her to assist Bailey (Chandra Wilson) in a desperate struggle to save the life of gunned-down doc Charles Percy (Robert Baker).

No word yet if Mary's cute hubby Bill (Cougar Town's Ryan Devlin) or her (not-nearly-as-cute) colostomy bag will be returning as well.

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