Grey's AnatomyI loved tonight's episode, and I'm not lying unlike everyone in this episode. Ellen Pompeo 's closing narration summed it up: "The truth hurts so we lie." Cristina lied to Burke by not telling him she still has her apartment. Meredith lied by telling Cristina she was over McDreamy. Nice to know Alex passed his boards this time. Great quote from Izzie to Alex: "Congratulations, you're not an idiot, except when you're being an idiot." How cool to see Patrick Dempsey

and Sandra Oh together in several scenes tonight, especially since they're the two actors who keep getting nominations (and in Sandra's case, an actual award I was ecstatic when she won that Golden Globe!). Here's hoping the other people on the show start getting some notice, especially (you knew this was coming) T.R. Knight, my fave. His scenes tonight with the phenomenal Carole Cook were awesome. I've loved Carole since she squeezed Molly Ringwald's "boobies" in Sixteen Candles. I know a lot of you are thinking "Yes! That's why she looked familiar!" Honestly, that final scene between her and George was magnificent: "Nursing homes are for old people. I know that I'm elderly. I do know that. But if I have to go to that place, I'm afraid I'll become old." Carole, have your people submit that scene for next year's Emmys, please. Another noteworthy guest star was Donovan Leitch (his dad is '60s pop singer Donovan and his sister is Say Anything's Ione Skye) as the guy who had to get his fingers surgically reattached. Glad Meredith chose George over the dog, as we knew she would. George looking at Meredith with his puppy-dog eyes was what did it, I'm sure.  Dave Anderson

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