Grey's Anatomy 
Let me get this out of the way. Best line of 2006 so far, of any show I watch, was definitely Bailey to George while he was helping her give birth: "Stop looking at my va-jay-jay!!" My roommate Jason and I screamed so loud with laughter that we had to rewind the TiVo immediately. What an unbelievable hour. And I thought

last week was out of control! I've said several times before how much the music enhances this show. Utilizing

Anna Nalick's "Breathe (2 am)" during the three simultaneous climactic scenes was brilliant: Bailey's labor (Shut up about the baby's middle name being George!), her husband's surgery and Meredith removing the bomb from a man's body. And then we got good news and bad news at the same time: Bailey's husband survived the surgery, so we'll be seeing more of Cress Williams (90210), but too bad we can't say the same about Kyle Chandler as the bomb-squad dude. I wanted him to be Meredith's new love interest anything to get her mind off McDreamy. Glad they only reminisced about their last kiss rather than re-creating it. That would've been too soap opera-esque. But I did like that Meredith imagined Derek in front of her to get her mind off the bomb. I do the same thing when I'm at the dentist. Just as the drill is about to torture my mouth, I close my eyes and think of the people I love. Back to George and Bailey: That scene where he convinced her to go ahead with the birth was T.R. Knight's turn for Emmy consideration. I'd say the same about Kate Walsh tonight during Addison's breakdown. Emmy time next year's gonna be chock-full of Grey's actors. Nice ending, with George leaving just when his shower fantasy was about to be reenacted, followed by Cristina saying the "L" word to Burke when he was asleep. I'd use the same word for this show. Dave Anderson

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