It turns out Karev's (Justin Chambers) violent takedown of DeLuca (Giacomo Gioniotti) at the end of Season 12 had even more ramifications than fans knew.

TV Guide has obtained a deleted scene from the Grey's Anatomy Season 13 DVD set, available Aug. 29, that reveals the fallout from Karev's arrest for DeLuca's beatdown almost got Bailey (Chandra Wilson) sidelined as Chief of Surgery. In the wake of Karev leaving the hospital in handcuffs, Catherine (Debbie Allen) came in guns blazing and questioned if Bailey was ready to do what needed to be done if their pediatric resident was being arrested for aggravated assault.

Bailey wasn't ready to fire Karev before finding out the full story, but she wasn't ready to let Catherine bring in someone else either — thank God. We all know how it turned out later in the season when Catherine steamrolled Bailey into bringing someone else into the hospital (Hello, Minnick!). Bailey never did fire Karev, and that ended up working out for everyone, except maybe DeLuca.

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Luckily, Bailey is still sitting pretty as Chief of Surgery and everything seems to have worked out — for now.

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