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Grey's Anatomy: Abigail Spencer Previews Megan and Owen's Big Confrontation

Plus, what's next for her and Nathan

Keisha Hatchett

It's been a rough road for Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer), who was thought to be dead but actually spent a decade in captivity in Iraq only to resurface and surprise everyone, especially her brother Owen (Kevin McKidd).

After arriving at Grey Sloan in Grey's Anatomy's Season 14 premiere, this week's episode will answer questions about her disappearance. "Danger Zone" will see the show flashing back to 2007 and expose the events leading up to Megan's kidnapping and the root of her falling out with Owen. Meanwhile, in the present day, the siblings will finally air out their issues face-to-face in a confrontation that's sure to change their relationship.

Ahead of the big episode, TV Guide caught up with Abigail Spencer to discuss the big fight, what that means for their relationship moving forward and whether or not she thinks Megan and Nathan (Martin Henderson) will get their happy ending.

Abigail Spencer, Grey's Anatomy

Abigail Spencer, Grey's Anatomy

Mitch Haaseth, ABC

Everyone seems to think that Megan was brutally tortured in Iraq. Are we going to find out that that wasn't the case?
Abigail Spencer:
This episode is going to focus more on the inciting incident and you're gonna get a little more insight into what she experienced. But it's really gonna focus on how it happened more than all the things that were happening to her while she was gone. I think what you're gonna find out that the secret of the thing that you think is gonna come out, isn't the secret that you think it is.

Owen and Megan are finally going to hash it out face-to-face. What's the root of their issues? How does this fight change their relationship?
Spencer: This is gonna be the best thing possible to have a relationship with each other moving forward. There is an issue that was never addressed. [He was supposed to recommend her for a job and he never did.] They've never actually addressed it because she got kidnapped so this is about them getting face-to-face to discuss the thing that really hurt their relationship.

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Owen and Amelia don't have the greatest relationship either. What does Megan think of their marriage?
Spencer: I think Megan's pretty clear that she thinks it's a bit of a sham. [She] calls it like she sees it and she's like you're not in a real marriage. And with the reveal that Amelia had a tumor, she's like stop lying to yourself. Look at what is actually going on, who you actually married. And stop putting everyone first! Owen's very idealistic in his approach and I think Megan, after what she's been through, is like, "No, you gotta look at what's real." So a big part of that is him looking at that marriage.

With the truth coming out in this episode, how is the reveal of what happened to her in Iraq going to affect Megan and Nathan's relationship?
Spencer: You're really going to find out how awesome Nathan is and that he's actually a really good guy. There's a lot of things that people have been keeping a secret and it's gonna come out. And what's cool is it's gonna bring Nathan and Megan closer together.

How is she able to move forward given everything that she's gone through, and how has she changed?
Spencer: I think when she adopted Farouk, it gave her a new lease on life. And I also think that while she was away [in captivity], she really dreamed about coming back and what her life would look like. So that dream and what she saw is what pulled her through. Now you're gonna see her making that dream a reality because she survived it. She's one of those people that's not gonna be torn down, even by being kidnapped by terrorists and forced to do surgeries on bad people.

Do you think she'll finally get her happy ending with Nathan?
Spencer: I sure hope so!

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 8/7c on ABC.