Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey; Lauren Stamile Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey; Lauren Stamile

Question: Seriously? Derek and Rose? I saw no spark, no chemistry during their first meeting on last week's Grey's Anatomy.

Answer: Don't hurt me, but I didn't hate them together. It was actually nice to see sexy/flirty Derek back, because, I gotta say, the somber/morose Derek is becoming a real drag. So if Rose is the person he chooses to bide his time with while Meredith unpacks her considerable baggage, that's fine by me. Probably not the answer you were looking for, right? In any event, it'll be a few weeks before we see any serious movement in the Rose/Derek/Meredith triangle. Actually, make that a few months. I'm told the big turning point for these three comes at the end of Episode 11, which was originally scheduled for December but has now been postponed until '08! (Grey's repeats will clog the airwaves throughout December. Isn't this strike just peachy?) Episode 11 also happens to be the final episode before Grey's goes on its strike-imposed hiatus, so that big turning point may end up being a big cliff-hanger. And all I'll say is it involves Mer's chilly reaction to a top-secret project that Derek's been toiling over.