Coming in at 6-foot-5 and 290 lbs., Michael Clarke Duncan bears an imposing physical presence. So it's no surprise he was Mark Steven Johnson's first choice to play Kingpin, Ben Affleck's arch enemy in Daredevil (opening Friday). But when the director suggested using stunt doubles and special padding to turn Duncan into the comic book's larger-than-life crime boss, the actor scoffed.

"They wanted to pad the arms and the chest [of my suits]," the Green Mile star tells TV Guide Online. "And I said, 'Whoa! I don't need that. I'm going to power lift, and bulk up, and you won't need any pads.

"To me it wasn't that hard," Duncan continues, "because anytime they pay you what they paid me to eat and gain weight — and not worry about your ab muscles or nothing — that was like the easiest job in the world!" Indeed, after two months of weight training, not a single extra swatch would fit into his elegantly-tailored Hugo Boss suits.

Funny thing is, Duncan did too good a job. He ended up larger than his beefy stunt doubles, meaning he had to do all his fight scenes himself! "Everything is me," he smiles. However, after Affleck injured his on-screen nemesis during a rehearsal, Duncan told People's Sexiest Man Alive to make better use of his own stand-ins: "He came right across my eye with this lead pipe, and we had to stop filming while my [swollen] eye went down! 'Sexiest Man' and 'fight' don't go together."