Dilshad Vadsaria by Bob D'Amico/ABC Family Dilshad Vadsaria by Bob D'Amico/ABC Family

ABC Family's Greek resumes its semester tonight at 9 pm/ET with a batch of episodes that will, among other things, put Casey's interim ZBZ presidency in jeopardy, and largely due to the R-rated antics of pledge Rebecca. Dilshad Vadsaria, who plays the freshly disillusioned daughter of a disgraced senator, offered TVGuide.com a sneak peek at the drama to come - and what it all means for the Casey-Cappy shippers. - Matt Mitovich

TVGuide.com: It looks like we're kicking off the season with Rebecca causing some real headaches for poor Casey....
Dilshad Vadsaria:
Yes, poor Casey. Again. [ Laughs] Rebecca has definitely caused some problems for ZBZ, with the spring break episode, where she found out about her father....

TVGuide.com: And subsequently doffed her top at a bar and became a viral video sensation.
Yeah. I think it's fun that the writers took it in that direction, because it's so true for the age that we live in. Whatever you do is kind of recorded right away.

TVGuide.com: Heck, you yourself probably have some compromising photos that could surface.
No, no, no I have all the pictures. [ Laughs] They're in a safe deposit box.

TVGuide.com: Why does Rebecca not take too seriously Casey's threat of being booted as a pledge?
It's more of a front that she doesnt take it seriously. What you'll see in the episodes that follow is her kind of finding a place in the house. Up until now, you wondered, "Does Rebecca really care about the sorority?" [ Greek exec producer] Patrick Sean Smith and I had a conversation about that, because there was a question in my mind. Now that she has lost her footing as "the senator's daughter," now that all the skeletons are out, she needs to find where she belongs.

TVGuide.com: She has a rare opportunity to redefine who she is.
Exactly. This season will focus more on that. Where you used to see Rebecca primarily with Cappy, they're going to incorporate her life in the house more. The audience is going to like the way she "grows up" in that sense.

TVGuide.com: The premiere sets up a nice parallel between what's going on with Cappy and Rusty and Casey and Rebecca. They're in similar situations of having to weigh the significance of a pledge's outside-of-house behaviors.
Yeah, seeing whether they believe in the bond of sisterhood and brotherhood that comes with being part of the Greek system. For Rebecca, it's about letting go of her cynicism of it. She hasn't been presented in her life with people who are very genuine, only people who want things from her because of her stature. That made her very guarded, wary of motivations. This season, that starts to chip away. Rebecca is not one to let it all go [ Laughs], but she does start to show another side.

TVGuide.com: What is this in the season premiere press release about Rebecca and Cappy's relationship taking "a more serious turn"? Is this, like, ABC Afterschool Special serious?
[ Laughs] Nooooo.... Nothing like that per se. The whole point of bringing the two characters together is that because they are so different they can really appreciate each other for who they are. There are no judgments. Cappy is a very serious relationship for Rebecca. She really cares about him. In the season finale, we saw her world come apart and Cappy is the fun guy, the guy who likes to party. He kind of shies away from anything serious - we saw that in the flashback episode with Cappy and Casey - so it's like that storyline coming back. All of a sudden he has a girlfriend who he really does care about but she's dealing with some very serious things. How is he going to handle that? You're going to see them both grow up, in a sense, and explore what they need from each other. Whether that comes through or not is the cliffhanger in their relationship as it takes this more serious turn.

TVGuide.com: But the longer they're together, the more Casey-Cappy fans stare daggers at you.
Exactly! They love to see Casey and Cappy together, and that plays into it. People say, "Cappy, why don't you leave this already? There's so much drama with Rebecca, go back to Casey" and all of that.

TVGuide.com: Yeah, but Rebecca is hot!
Well, thank you! [ Laughs] It's fun to tease the viewers with what's going to happen with that. You'll see that in every episode coming up.

TVGuide.com: Tell me about playing the "drunk-splashing-around-in-the-campus-fountain" scene in the season premiere.
That was crazy fun. At the beginning of filming, it seemed like a really good idea, but the reality is that come 2 o'clock in the morning, you're like, "Oh my gosh, it's freezing cold!" The girl who plays [fellow ZBZ pledge] Mandy had to hold my hand as we counted to three and then dunked ourselves in the water. We were shaking by the end!

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