Scott Michael Foster, <I>Greek</i> Scott Michael Foster, Greek

Just as in real college life, the midseason finale of ABC Family's Greek balances out the promise of joy and celebration (as Rusty and Calvin inch closer to brotherhood) with the angst that often accompanies the quest for true love. Scott Michael Foster, who plays easygoing Kappa Tau prez Cappie, gave us a sneak peek at the big episode (airing Tuesday at 9 pm/ET) and one very unexpected twist. (In the interest of full disclosure, this Q&A was conducted by a "GDI.") How do you get yourself to that "special place" to play a carousing, devil-may-care fraternity boy?
Scott Michael Foster: [Laughs] It's quite a process. But really, it's a lot of fun. The character is written so well that he's easy to get into. He's fun-loving, a happy role. I'm not depressed over someone or having to cry every day. He's true to the free-living college dream in that respect.
Foster: Yeah. I don't require a lot of crazy set-up time. And yet I like how he'll occasionally whip out the morsel of info, like when he's talking to Casey about the congresswoman (played by Carol Potter). "Maryland, 5th District. She's soft on energy, but a staunch protector of the loggerhead sea turtle."
Foster: He surprises you at every turn because he's taken a lot of courses, had a lot majors. ... He's smarter than he lets on. Do you know any one thing about his background that the viewers don't, and that might surprise us? Anything the producers have told you on background?
Foster: The name is what I get asked about the most - "What is his real name?" - and I don't know. The creator of the show knows, and he's never told anyone. Everything that has been written or seen is all I know. In the season finale, Casey arrives at a crossroads and gets counsel from two people. Who do you think ends up giving her better advice: Cappie or Lauren Conrad (played by guest star ... Lauren Conrad)?
Foster: [Laughs] I've got to say Cappie! I mean, I have to believe in my character. Plus, he doesn't get interrupted for hair-care tips.
Foster: Exactly. At this point in Casey's life, he should be making decisions based on what's best for herself instead of making them based on [other things]. You would give a gal pal the same advice Cappie does?
Foster: Absolutely. Their tête-à-tête happens over a game of pool. I have to ask: Are Spencer Grammer's billiards skills by chance for real, or is that mostly editing?
Foster: That is mostly editing. Although there is that one shot where she actually banks it and makes the 9 on the opposite side. And that's a tough shot! I read in another interview that you were caught off-guard by the end-of-finale cliffhanger.
Foster: Yeah, that cliffhanger is just awesome. I didn't even see it coming when I was reading the script! People may assume the season finale's big twist involves Cappy, Casey and Max, but ...
Foster: They will be very surprised. What happens comes out of left field. Might another gal be headed in Cappie's direction next season?
Foster: Um, Cappie will be dating someone next season. I can't say who, but yeah, he's gets together with someone. Are you working yet with new cast member Jesse McCartney?
Foster: Oh yeah. He's a cool dude. He's coming on as a Kappa Tau pledge, and he'll basically be Rusty's little brother. His character is, like, a No. 1 football recruit, so ... He's a big "get" for the fraternity.
Foster: That's the thing - [rival house] Omega Chi really wants him, while Kappa Tau doesn't care. If he ends up with us, hey, he ends up with us. Do you see Greek as an endorsement of Greek life or as somewhat of a cautionary tale?
Foster: I see it as a description. We're just trying to show all the sides of college life. Tell us about the Declare Yourself campaign the cast has been involved with this fall.
Foster: It's great to get kids to register to vote. I mean, at 18 I had no idea if I should register, or how. ... It's good to get out there and talk to students and let them know that their voice is important. Who do you think Cappie would vote for on Nov. 4?
Foster: I'm not sure. He's a conservative Democrat and he's a liberal Republican, so. ... Maybe Nader!

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