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Greek's Cappie and Casey may be back together, but that doesn't mean they're going to be a happy couple.

"They come together and totally love each other and have, obviously, for years," Spencer Grammer told during a recent visit to the ABC Family show's set. "As you find in normal relationships, things start to change and people start to change... or people don't change, in this case."

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The cracks in the relationship become more evident as graduation inches nearer. "He's not ready to leave and he has no intention of leaving Cyprus Rhodes," said Scott Michael Foster.

While Casey makes plans to move on and go to law school, Cappie continues to be "Peter Pan," Grammer said. "He wants to stay at Kappa Tau and party. He loves those guys and doesn't really have any idea of what he wants to do. He knows he wants to be with Casey, but she's moving above and beyond their college life. Maybe their relationship was just supposed to be in college."

In her search for what's next in life, Casey meets Joel. "[Mad Men's] Sam Page plays Joel, a legislative aide," Grammer said. "He comes into the show to help Casey focus some ideas about her dreams of going to Washington. He encourages her to go to law school and helps her realize the things she really wants to do."

Unlike Cappie, Joel catches Casey's eye because he's grown from being a crazy partier to a working man. "[He has a] sexier approach to life," Grammer said. "So there may be some temptation."

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Casey's relationship with Ashleigh (Amber Stevens) will also suffer because of school ending. "We have to decide if our friendship was convenient, or if it was a friendship made because we really are soul mate friends," said Grammer. "Casey ultimately starts to prioritize her life, and certain things begin to take a back burner."

And can Cappie's bromance with Evan (Jake McDorman) survive last season's betrayal? "Ever since Evan betrayed him, it's been a vow of Cappie's to get back at the whole house for what they did," Foster said. "This whole season is a buildup of what they're going to do to get back at Omega Chi."

Alas, there's one thing that's not changing this year. "There's a lot of making out with Scott this season," Grammer joked.

Greek returns Monday, Jan. 25 at 10/9c on ABC Family.

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