Kermit the Frog Kermit the Frog

Someone restrain Miss Piggy, 'cause Mickey Mouse is dissing her guy. Just days after announcing on Good Morning America that Kermit would embark on a 15-month 50th-anniversary world tour, Disney cut funding for the road trip, leaving money for only three of the 50 stops (for now). Adding insult to injury: A source close to Kermie confides that Disney execs "didn't think the public would notice." The tour de farce comes on the heels of Disney's decision to pink-slip a slew of Muppet staffers amid concerns that the new parent company "doesn't know what to do with the Muppets." The proof: The only major Muppet project in the works is ABC's reality show America's Next Muppet or as Mike Ausiello likes to call it, Pissed Piggy.