It is great that all of the little comments over the last few weeks about Kelso's gay son finally amounted to something. Love the picture of the son and his boyfriend dressed like the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Is it wrong that I can easily imagine Turk and J.D. donning those same costumes... er, pajamas? Meanwhile, I'm still laughing out loud at the pink belly, the macho-man ultrasound and the "butt hamster" named Angie. But even better was that Janitor was planning on taking the dead animal in order to make a vest for his stuffed-squirrel collection. Crazy. I also am dying to play the game "Watch her leave." I know it is mean, but it looked like so much fun. Maybe it was just the excited look on Tom Cavanagh's face when he was goofing around with his TV bro. Then again, the excited look could be that he has a job since his short-lived show got the ax; I'm still sad about Love Monkey. But even sadder about the end of this episode, which culminated in a touching scene between J.D. and his brother Dan, was that it left on kind of an odd note. But thankfully they brought the fun in for a while before that. I enjoyed Sweaty Teddy and his depressing utterance, "My mom calls me that and she loves me... right?" Poor Ted, he can't catch a break. I enjoyed the bizarre fact that Turk knew that the prostitute at his town mall was named Angie. And the random exchange between J.D. and his patient Herbert:

J.D.'s inner monologue: "I didn't mind because Herbie was my man."
J.D: "How are you feeling today, Love Bug?"
Herbert: "Fully loaded."

And then there's Dr. Cox, who Kelso rightly compared to another doctor who coincidentally shares this time slot. "Oh Perry, you are so edgy and cantankerous. You are like House without the limp." I guess, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.