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6 Reasons to Watch the Impossibly Cute Grandfathered

John Stamos is a GILF. Duh

Joyce Eng

It'd be a stretch to call Fox's Grandfathered the granddaddy of all comedies, but it's got everyone beat when it comes to being ridiculously adorable.

John Stamos stars as Jimmy Martino, a lifelong bachelor and restaurateur who gets a double dose of reality when he learns that not only does he have a son, Gerald (Josh Peck), from his one-night stand with Sara (Paget Brewster) back in the day, but a granddaughter, Edie (played by twins Layla and Emelia Golfieri), too.

Here are six reasons you should check out the completely aw-inducing show.

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1. John Stamos is a total GILF
This is obvious, right? The ageless wonder is predictably rakish, but he's also effortlessly charming as he fumbles his way through grandparenthood. That probably isn't that surprising since the Full House star has experience rearing kids on TV. There are the requisite "guy who has no idea how to take care of a baby" beats, but Stamos radiates a warmth that it's clear Jimmy means well and is actually trying.

"He thinks [that he wants a family] and he realizes it's not so easy," Stamos tells TVGuide.com. "I do sort of jump into it. There's a lot of compromise. He loves his life the way it is, but he wants both. He wants to be a good father and a good grandfather, but he still wants to maintain his fun life, parties and restaurant and dating. I think he slowly finds out that you can't have it all."

2. You'll want Josh Peck to be your baby daddy
In Jimmy and Gerald's case, the apple fell very far from the tree. "I seek him out and I'm sort of uncomfortable and awkward, where he is cool and charming, so we even out each other," Peck says. Awkward and sort of dopey, Gerald could come off as pitifully pathetic, but Peck will melt you with his sweet earnestness.

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3. Paget Brewster, funny girl
Though she's probably most known for Criminal Minds, Brewster is a comedienne at heart. (Remember Kathy on Friends?) Since she left the procedural three years ago, she's done a few guest spots (Modern Family, Community), stars on Another Period and performs with Thrilling Adventure Hour. But it's nice to see a prime-time show finally make use of her comedic chops, which include, but are not limited to, busting on Stamos.

"I spend the whole time ... being like, 'Oh, no! We will never get together again.' Which is hilarious because what woman says that to John Stamos?" she says. "So I'm looking forward to all the different and varying ways that I can snub Stamos and make him feel badly about himself. That, to me, is comedy."

4. The relationships
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Sara is the one who got away for Jimmy or that Gerald is not-so secretly in love with his friend and mother of his child, Vanessa (Christina Milian), but is sadly deep in the friend zone. Grandfathered doesn't do anything new in this regard nor is it trying to. Where it excels is the rapport between the pairs. Everyone operates on a level of being slightly annoyed with one another, just like how any longtime family would. "I think there's the element of becoming part of family without trying," Milian says. "Especially when you have a child involved, getting to know each other can be awkward at times, but I think we can all make it work because we're different, but we'll slowly make it happen."

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5. The cameos
Because Jimmy's restaurant is a noted hot spot, celebs drop by to wine and dine. There's a handful of cameos in the pilot and you can expect more as the show goes along. So who's on Peck's wish list? "Donald Trump," he jokes. "Take some time away from the campaign trail."

6. The baby
Look at that punim.

Erica Parise/FOX

Grandfathered premieres Tuesday at 8/7c on Fox.