Katy Perry performed her new reggae-tinged song "Chained to the Rhythm," featuring Bob Marley's grandson Skip, for the first time at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards Sunday night after premiering it last week via disco balls hidden all over the world and a lyric video on YouTube.

Like all of Perry's songs, it's a grower: on first listen, it's not that good, but it gets better the more times you hear it. And that's a good thing, because rest assured that you're going to hear it a lot.

Perry performed on a rotating platform that was deconstructed and put back together by backup dancers wearing white body suits, and eventually turned into a backdrop featuring the preamble to the Constitution. Perry ended the performance by saying, "No hate!"

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Perry also debuted a new blond hairstyle at Sunday's ceremony, and was introduced by Little Big Town, who performed a snippet of her hit "Teenage Dream."

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