The Grammys equivalent of Ellen DeGeneres' Oscars selfie took the form of Neil Diamond leading a car full of stars in a singalong of his classic "Sweet Caroline."

Host James Corden's signature bit is Carpool Karaoke, and he joked that CBS has contractually obligated him to do a Carpool Karaoke bit during the awards show. The camera pulled out to reveal that he was in a cardboard cutout of the Carpool Karaoke Range Rover. He was standing next to Jennifer Lopez, and he pulled her in.

Then he started pulling in whoever was around — Ryan Tedder, John Legend, Keith Urban, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

One of the folks he pulled in was Neil Diamond, whom Corden ordered to start singing "Sweet Caroline." Eventually the whole auditorium joined in — even Blue Ivy Carter, who ran over, unplanned, to join the revelry. It was adorable.

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