1) The Beatles Tribute Goosebump city!

2) The Foo Fighters' outdoor concert They rocked so hard, and frankly deserved more kudos than Rock Album of the Year. 3) Tina and Beyoncé Even though Tina looked like a robot, she can move! And Beyoncé was a nice complement. 4) Kanye His cool Tron number and moving tribute to his mama were very cool. 5) Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban I can't believe I just wrote those names together, and under a Best Grammy Moments header... but there's nothing else to talk about!


1) John Fogerty, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard Sloppy, weird and embarrassing (in no particular order). 2) Alicia Keys and John Mayer Alicia sounded squeaky, and John had the tiniest cameo at the end. What a disappointment. 3) Beyoncé's weird dance/talk intro to Tina Turner What the hell was that? 4) Carrie Underwood Bizarre set decorations clashed with one weird outfit for this overhyped number. 5) Amy Winehouse Talk about sloppy. She looked like she was laughing half the time and reading cue cards, and she sang like crap. It was bizarre. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments! Thanks again for reading the blog tonight! - Erin Fox Now playing on's Grammy Awards site : " Review our complete list of winners and nominees " Browse photos of Grammy highlights, from on and off the stage " Watch videos of your favorite winners and nominees " And, of course, the live Grammys blog recapped every musical moment!