Adele, human charm machine, became even more perfect in many people's eyes when she appeared to break her Grammy statue for Album of the Year in half in order to share it with Beyonce. Unfortunately, this apparent Cady Heron moment wasn't what it seemed.

After Adele delivered her emotional acceptance speech for Album of the Year - in which she suggested she "can't possibly accept this award" because Beyonce's Lemonade should have won - photos began circulating of Adele holding two pieces of her fifth and final Grammy of the evening, leading many to believe she had truly pulled a Mean Girls in real life.

However, thanks to some expert sleuthing by Vanity Fair, it appears as though this moment wasn't exactly the fetch stand of selflessness it initially seemed to be. In a backstage video from the Grammys, Adele is seen exchanging her broken statue in order to grab a new one. And when Adele later posed with her entire haul from the evening, she was photographed cradling five whole statues without the broken one in sight.

Adele dedicates her Album of the Year award to Beyonce

Although Vanity Fair did suggest that Adele may have jokingly offered half of her statue to Bey, who was spotted laughing in the audience during Adele's memorable acceptance speech.


But just because Adele didn't physically give Beyonce half of her Album of the Year statue doesn't mean the British singer believes Bey didn't deserve it. During a backstage interview, Adele reiterated that "My album of the year is Lemonade... I felt like it was her time to win. My view is kind of like, 'What the f--- does she have to do to win Album of the Year?'"

What the f---, indeed, Adele.