On last week's series premiere of The Apprentice, 16 overachievers handpicked by real-estate tycoon Donald Trump embarked on a 13-week job interview. The last man (or woman) standing lands a one-year gig as president of a Trump-owned company. The aspiring entrepreneurs have been divided into two gender-specific teams, competing at various business tasks. The losing team heads to the Board Room, where a player will be fired by Trump and ejected from the game. Here, TV Guide Online meets the reality show's first casualty, David Gould.

TV Guide Online: What was it like sitting face-to-face with The Donald?
David Gould:
Well, I actually enjoyed the whole process. I wasn't intimidated like I think some of the others were. I was hoping to have a more detailed, more drawn-out discussion, but I managed to get in a word here and there.

TVGO: Were you surprised to end up in the Board Room so soon?
I wasn't surprised to end up in the Board Room; I was surprised that I got fired. We knew Troy and Sam [were probably] going — but I volunteered myself. I felt that Sam was weak competition, and I felt we all were going to have to go in there sooner or later, and it made sense to me to go in when the odds were in my favor. However, I think my volunteering didn't go over so well with The Donald and backfired.

TVGO: Do you think you were too aggressive with your sales tactics as a lemonade vendor?
If you're referring to flagging down the guy on the bicycle, I was just having a bit of fun at that point. It was late in the day, and I knew we were going to lose this competition. I made a number of successful sales, in a very straightforward fashion.

TVGO: After watching the ladies use their feminine wiles to sell their drinks, do you regret not flirting with prospective customers to bring in more cash?
Well, we probably should have been more flirtatious, but what we really needed to do was just be in a higher-traffic location.

TVGO: Under normal, everyday circumstances, would you have paid $5 for a lemonade if one of the ladies had approached you?
Not at all.

TVGO: At 31, you already have an MD and an MBA. Why do a reality show?
Well, I finished up my MBA in 2003, was between jobs, and real estate is a side interest of mine. I was hoping to learn a little bit about real-estate development from the master in New York.

TVGO: What's next for a guy with your credentials? NASA?
[Laughs] Oh, no, no, no. I'm very happily employed at a healthcare-investment firm here in New York. This is a firm I had spoken to before the filming, and had continued to speak with after the filming.

TVGO: So you're going to stick with that?
I'm very happily employed and hope to be here for quite some time.

The Apprentice next airs on Thursday after Friendson NBC.