Not all heroes wear capes... and it looks like Gotham's Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) will be working an overcoat as he embraces his new identity as the Batman.

The newest teaser for Gotham's fourth season, which highlights the show's move over to Thursday nights, features Bruce Wayne embracing his newfound hero status — and trying on his new Dark Knight garbs for size. The winter-ready leather gear might not be the same cowl and cape Batfans are used to, but his coat is still flowy enough to get the point across without being too cartoonish about it all.

As always, Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee) seems nervous about "Master Bruce" stepping to become Gotham's resident hero, while Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) feud over who gets to officially hold the city together in the wake of the Scarecrow (Charlie Tahan)'s rise.

"Gotham needs more people who are willing to fight for her," Bruce tells his butler-slash-guardian. "I feel more alive than I've ever felt before." Between his new bravado and Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova)'s roundhouse kicking skills, it looks like the kids are all right.

Gotham returns to Fox for its fourth season on Thursday, Sept. 28th at 9/8c.