Bruce Wayne has only just begun his journey to becoming Batman on Gotham, but Season 4 will see that trajectory speed up.

"He's really going to be devoting all of his time and all of his energy [to fighting crime]," David Mazouz told TV Guide during the Television Critics Association summer press tour. "His purpose at the beginning of Season 4 is going to be training."

He won't be training alone though. Ra's al Ghul has plans for Bruce, and it doesn't sound like their partnership is going to go well for Bruce. Alexander Siddig teases that Ra's will snap the last strand of Bruce's innocence on the young man's journey to his Dark Knight destiny.

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Even though Bruce is standing on top of rooftops with coats that look like capes, he's not all the way to his future alter ego. There's going to be some key differences between young Bruce's perception of a vigilante and Batman's ethos. That will also be explored at the start of the season.

Gotham premieres Thursday, September 21st at 8/7c on Fox.