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Gotham​: What Does That Crazy Twin Twist Mean?

Did you see that last shot?

Megan Vick

[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday night's Gotham finale. Read at your own risk!]

It's official: Resurrecting dead villains is not the craziest thing to happen on Gotham.

The final scene of Monday's finale saw the "monsters" Hugo Strange (BD Wong) has been creating in Indian Hill, Arkham Asylum's underground lab, let loose on Gotham City. The last of Strange's creations to escape turned out to be the most insane twist of the show so far -- a Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) clone.

David Mazouz, Gotham FOX

Most of the Indian Hill patients were seen through the eyes of the traumatized homeless woman who unknowingly freed them from their crashed escape bus, but Mazouz decked in a ridiculous long wig comes into focus and looks directly into camera to say thank you to the woman for helping.

What does the twist mean though? Gotham also introduced the Court of Owls this season, indicating that the Indian Hill clone will become the show's version of Lincoln March -- Bruce Wayne's comic book "younger brother" who turned out to be a pawn of the Court trying replace Bruce and take over the city.

Even if Gotham decides to make the clone just a Dark Bruce Wayne instead of going the Lincoln March route, it's a game changing twist for the show. It shows just how much they are willing to embrace their darker (and completely insane) side. An evil Bruce Wayne is the cherry on top of a resurrected Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Dr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow) ice cream sundae.

Gotham's second season found its way by losing its mind

It will also allow Mazouz to stretch his wings beyond the pubescent Batman cage he's been stuck in. For most of the show, Bruce Wayne has been stuck in Wayne Manor moping about the death of his parents and his inability to avenge them despite his piles of cash. By far the teenage Batman's most interesting arc in the course of the show was his time spent on the street with Selina Kyle (Camren Bicondova) where he got first-hand education in what a screw up place Gotham really is. It shook him up and got him out of the house. It also proved that Mazouz has a lot more tricks up his sleeve than pouting in roll neck sweaters.

We are definitely ready to see a grittier -- not just sad -- side of Bruce Wayne and to see what Mazouz is made of, even in that terrible wig.

What did you think of the Gotham finale?