It's been a rough few months for Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) on Gotham. His mother was killed right in front of him before he was sent to Arkham Asylum and brainwashed into being "sane." Then he reunited with his father, Elijah (Paul Reubens), only to see him die in his arms as well.

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Unfortunately, it's only going to get worse on Monday's episode. Elijah died before he could change his will, leaving the estate and the Van Dahl fortune to Grace (Melinda Clarke) and her two children. Grace originally plans to throw Oswald out into the street, but instead decides to go full Cinderella and employ her stepson as the new family servant.

You can see the cruel reassignment in the exclusive clip below.

Oswald, thanks to his Arkham brainwashing, is more than grateful to take the new position rather than be homeless, but the Van Dahls seem to forget that the help often have the closest look at a family's dirty laundry. What's going to happen when Oswald gets a peek at the skeletons in this wicked family's closet?

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