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Gotham: Penguin and Nygma Get Court (of Owls) Mandated Couple's Therapy

They need some time to talk

Megan Vick

After many tense episodes of separation, Gotham put Penguin and Nygma back together again -- at least physically.

Both of Gotham City's aspiring kingpins are now the prisoners of the mysterious Court of Owls, and at the end of Monday's episode, "Light the Wick," Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) and his former BFF Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) found themselves face to face once again -- minus the cage bars between them. For Nygma, it was a shock to see the man he thought he killed alive and well, and for Penguin, it was infuriating to have finally found Nygma and be unable to return the murderous favor.

These two are still a long way from being the close friends they once were, but they've been forced into the same space and now have a common enemy, which is going to force them onto the same page whether they like it or not. Once the shock subsides, they'll have to have a conversation about how they came to the crossroads they are at and what they are willing to do -- if anything -- to help each other out of their current pickle. Neither of them seem aware of how much danger they are in with the Court, but at least they recognize that someone else is holding all of the cards. That's not going to sit well with either egomaniac as they both fancy themselves to be the King of Gotham.

Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor, Gotham​

Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor, Gotham


Is it possible for Penguin and Nygma to sort out all of their issues while locked up together? Probably not, but it should definitely help kickstart the healing process -- until one of them inevitably stabs the other in the back while escaping the Court's clutches. It remains to be seen whether the stabbing will be literal or metaphorical because you never know with those two.

Meanwhile, Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) set all of his progress with the Court ablaze. He discovered what their ominous weapon is; a dispersible version of Alice Tetch virus that will turn all of Gotham's citizens into barbaric versions of themselves. Gordon was able to stop the first deployment of the virus, but it showed he wasn't as loyal to the Court as he's been pretending. Now he'll have to deal with Gotham's post powerful circle coming after him for his betrayal while trying to stop them from turning Gotham into more of a circus than it already is.

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The key to stopping the Court will rest with Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), though. Gotham's young prince will return from his mysterious fight training abroad for the next phase of the Court's plan. It's unclear exactly what the Court is preparing Bruce for, though fans in the know can tell these are the primitive steps in Bruce's Batman origins with Ra's al Guhl. Alfred isn't going to be too stoked about that when he finds out.

Can Bruce use the training he's received to turn against the Court though or will he walk straight into whatever trap they've set for him?

Gotham continues Mondays at 8/7c on FOX.