One of the biggest questions concerning Fox's Gotham is when will Bruce (David Mazouz) finally put on the gosh darned official Batsuit, hop in the Batmobile, throw Batarangs at people and do other various bat-related activities? But the second most pressing question of the series... is Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) the Joker?

Though Jerome has done his best Joker impression down to the devilish grin and maniacal laughter, Gotham has never outright stated that he is the Joker. However, that hasn't stopped fans from theorizing that he is (and can you blame them?). Well, Gotham fans, time to go back to the drawing board.

David Mazouz dropped by the Discussing Film podcast and confirmed that Jerome is not the Joker.

"He's not the Joker, that's all I'm saying," Mazouz said.

Mazouz's comments made the rounds on Twitter, which ended up on Cameron Monaghan's timeline. Monaghan also confirmed that Jerome is not the Joker in a tweet, which has since been deleted. (Only true tweets get deleted, right?)

Gotham's Cameron Monaghan Isn't Done with Jerome's Story Yet

But that doesn't mean the Joker won't be in the show. In fact, Mazouz said that the Joker will make his long-awaited appearance soon. "[Jerome] definitely is the inspiration for the Joker, and the way that the Joker comes into the show is, in my opinion, one of the most brilliant things the show has ever done," Mazouz said.

Monaghan said all will be explained.

Mazouz also teased that the second half of the season will basically center around a "Justice League of Gotham villains" spearheaded by Jerome and "all the good guys will have a part" in coming together to take them down.

Gotham returns for the second half of Season 4 later in 2018.

Cameron Monaghan, GothamCameron Monaghan, Gotham