Question: Got anything on House?

Answer: How 'bout my best buddy Greg Grunberg? He just shot an episode titled "Sex Kills," and, as he points out, "Who better to have on an episode with the word 'sex' in the title than the sexiest man on TV  me?" (There he goes, stealing my shtick again.) Actually, Greg's story line is not exactly what you'd call sexy. He plays a guy whose "wife was just killed in a car crash," he explains, "and House wants to keep her alive to use her heart for a transplant for a dying patient [Howard Hessman]. I fight him till the end. The role is a real doozie." Greg adds that he and House creator David Shore "have known each other for a long time, and he has been kind enough to ask me on a number of occasions to come have some fun. I've actually worked with half of the people in this crew at one time or another, as well as having worked with Lisa Edelstein on Felicity many moons ago." Felicity? Never heard of it.