Jessica Szohr Jessica Szohr

Jessica Szohr, who just last week got Gossip Girl fans buzzing about an upcoming death, drops more bombshells of assorted sizes in this video Q&A. Assessing the state of Vanessa and Nate's short-lived romance, she says, "I think it's done for right now," especially in light of a surprising apparent hook-up to come. "There's definitely something that Nate and Jenny aren’t telling people," she teases.

At the 0:55 mark, I share my theory that there's "something" there between Vanessa and Rufus. "I think it's a little crazy," Szohr responds, "because that’s her best friend dad… and, like, her New York City dad, but… maybe it will happen!"

Jessica compares TV's Vanessa to the character presented in the Gossip Girl books, and ponders whether she would have ever shaved her head (!) to be true to the role. She then points out which fella Vanessa gets intimate with in the novels, adding, "Maybe that will happen down the road" on the tube.

Jessica also previews an upcoming connection between Vanessa and Chuck (at the 2:05 mark) and discusses the way fans either love or hate her character (2:40). We then wrap things up with the story of how Jessica landed her Gossip gig by crashing a barbecue party (3:00).

Watch the video here.