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[WARNING: The following story contains spoilers from Monday's episode of Gossip Girl, "Salon of the Dead." Read at your own risk.]

Between the Dair vs. Chair wars, the Real Charlie Rhodes drama and Serena taking on the secret role of Gossip Girl in recent weeks, a bomb had been set to detonate for poor, single Chuck.

And boy did it explode.

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When Charlie/"Lola" (Ella Rae Peck) decided to exact revenge on Serena, whom she discovered had been using Gossip Girl to poison the Upper East Side against her, Chuck was the unexpected casualty. While Charlie live-streamed Serena outing Diana Payne (Elizabeth Hurley) as his mother from the Gossip Girl web site, Chuck watched on in horror.

After all, Diana hasn't exactly been behaving like someone with a kid. Here's how Chuck put it to her: "You have been in New York for months, inviting me to parties, hiring my friends, hanging out in my apartment in your underwear, banging my best friend — did it not occur to you to mention this? That you were my mother?"

Word, Chuck.

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Turns out it was Diana who had saved his life after the car crash by donating her blood. Her younger self had had an affair with the younger, married Bart Bass, then "charming, handsome, with the whole world at his feet." She got pregnant and Elizabeth Bass — who up until now Chuck had believed to have been his birth mom — agreed to raise baby Chuck on her own. Until she too ran away, that is.

So what happens now that he knows? As Diana told Chuck, that's up to him to decide. And as the last scene in Monday's episode indicated, Diana's still hiding something. Next week, Nate and Chuck will team up to dig up what other secrets she may have.

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What did you think of the reveal? Do you want Diana to hang around? What did you think of Dan and Blair's literary pillow talk? Is Charlie really done with the Van Der Woodsens? Does it matter to you that Lily and Rufus are on the outs? Tell us everything you're thinking — we're here for you.