Gordon Ramsay, <i>Hell's Kitchen</i> Gordon Ramsay, Hell's Kitchen

The temp's set to scorching as Gordon Ramsay blisters and berates a whole new set of aspiring Hell's Kitchen chefs (Tuesdays, 8/7c, Fox). This round's cushy grand prize? A post at Ramsay's own Savoy Grill in London, set to reopen this year. So maybe it's no wonder that only a few episodes in, Season 7 already promises more shouting and tears than ever before — plus, an on-screen showmance. Ramsay dishes about the surprises to come.

TV Guide Magazine: What's on the menu?
We've got some fantastic challenges, from feeding a university marching band to hosting a 50th wedding-anniversary celebration. I'm not giving anything else away for the moment, though!

TV Guide Magazine: Which contestants are the ones to watch?
I'm not going to [name] names at this stage. But the girls were very strong this season, especially in service. On many occasions they really outshine the boys.

TV Guide Magazine: You're kinda known for your temper. Where does all that rage come from?

I only get frustrated because I care so much about the finished result.

TV Guide Magazine: Is it ever hard to turn that off when you go home?
No. The kitchen is my workplace. But home is where I relax with my family [wife Tana and their four kids]. It's a completely different environment.

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