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Rejoice, There's a New Goosebumps TV Series in the Works

Coming at you from the producers of the Goosebumps movies

Krutika Mallikarjuna

TV Guide can confirm that R.L. Stine's legendary book series, Goosebumps, is returning to TV. Scholastic is partnering with Sony TV and Neal H. Mortiz, producer of the recent 2015 feature film adaptation of Goosebumps, to make the new series happen.

Not a whole lot of details are known about the new TV series. The series might follow the 2015 and 2018 films' continuity, in which Jack Black played R.L. Stine and teamed up with a group of local teens to save the town when his fictional characters came to life. But much more likely, the new TV series will follow in the footsteps of the iconic 90s TV series. Goosebumps, which aired from 1995-1998 (and is now streaming on Netflix), and was an anthology series which told stories of everyday kids surviving all kinds of terrifying paranormal elements.

"I loved making the Goosebumps movies and can't wait to bring even more of R. L. Stine's incredible stories to life through a high-end television series that speaks to both adults and kids alike," said Moritz in a statement.

A network has not yet been found for the potential series.

Hopper Stone, Columbia Pictures