The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies The Good Wife, Julianna Margulies

New night, new time, new look... new Alicia? The Good Wife returns for Season 3 on Sunday and the times, they are a-changing for Alicia Florrick. She's still split from Peter and furious with Kalinda, but this season will also see Eli join the ranks at Lockhart Gardner and Peter take back his position as top dog at the State's Attorney's office. Before the new season officially begins, catch up on all the intrigue from last season and the teases for what's ahead. Plus, we share our biggest burning questions for one of TV's most unpredictable series:

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Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies)
Where Were We: Her husband, Peter, won back the State's Attorney office, but Alicia had little to celebrate when she learned he had slept with her BFF Kalinda years before. After that revelation, she kicked her husband out, told K to take a hike and was last seen entering a $7,800-a-night presidential hotel suite with her law school love and boss, Will.
What's Next: We'll let those steamy promos do the talking. Yes, it looks the good wife (now with bangs!) will finally stop being the good wife and start having some fun. But just as the Free Alicia tour heats up, her recent winning streak at work may be in jeopardy when she has to face not only her former work rival, Cary, but also her estranged husband.
Biggest Burning Question: Sure, they look good on paper — and in the elevator — but where do Alicia and Will really go next? He may have loved her for 15 years (!) but he's still her boss and, as we've learned many times before, nothing comes between Will and the win.

Will Gardner (Josh Charles)
Where Were We: Will and Diane successfully thwarted Derrick Bond's hostile takeover plans and Chicago's 16th most eligible bachelor jumped into bed with Alicia.
What's Next: Right before Blake fled town, he reminded Will that he was charged with covering up Will's theft at his old firm. The incident was never referred to again, but considering what happened when Blake found out about Kalinda's romp with Peter, we have a feeling this indiscretion won't stay hidden forever. Also, Will gets a second blast from his past when his ex, lawyer Celeste (Lisa Edelstein) shows up.
Biggest Burning Question: Exactly how much money did Will steal? And if it's as bad as it seems, what shot will he have with Alicia if/when she finds out? She already stood by her man once, and ended up getting betrayed, so we think her bullsh-- tolerance is pretty low these days.

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Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi)
Where Were We: Oh, Kalinda. We learned in Season 2 that she changed her identity because she was bored, but the real shocker was that she had slept with Peter years prior, and subsequently lost one of her only friends in Alicia. In between her many battles with Blake, she also kissed Cary and slept with old friend Sophia, but backed off when she learned Sophia had a husband.
What's Next: When one door closes, another opens, so while Kalinda and Alicia are still on the outs, Kalinda will develop a strong working relationship and friendship with Eli. Also, look for the private investigator to try to figure out whether her attraction to Cary is romantic or platonic.
Biggest Burning Question:  Will Kalinda and Cary ever be more than friends? And if so, how exactly will that affect her seriously strained working relationship with Alicia (Cary is Alicia's enemy, after all) and Kalinda's messy ties to Peter, who is now Cary's boss?

Cary Agos (Matt Czuchry)
Where Were We:
Cary got an offer to return to Lockhart Gardner, but balked when he learned he would be a year behind Alicia (Let it go. The bake-off is so 2010). Instead, Cary was able to keep his job in the State's Attorney's office precisely for the reason he thought he might lose it — because of his rivalry with his new boss' wife, Alicia.
What's Next:
Peter seems determined to take down the (former) Mrs., and Cary is just the man to help him do that. Cary will also get a new co-worker (and maybe more?) in the form of recurring guest star Monica Raymund.
Biggest Burning Question:
Will things ever progress for him and Kalinda beyond that surprising lip-lock last season? And if they do progress, can Cary really tame the promiscuous and private woman behind those boots of justice?

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Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski)
Where Were We:
Diane got an offer to run away with the Marlboro Man, but chose to stay and save the firm. She also successfully nabbed Eli Gold to set up shop at Lockhart, Gardner, with rising associate Alicia as his liaison.
What's Next:
After coming thisclose to running for judge in Season 1, Diane will be jumping back into politics this coming season. The move will not only affect her career, it also may mean good things for her love life when she meets a younger man described as a liberal version of the Marlboro Man. (Looks like she can finally toss that Sarah Palin memoir!)
Biggest Burning Question:
She put her ethics before her political aspirations in Season 1, but how dirty is Diane willing to get her hands this time around? And what exactly does she want from the political spectrum?

Eli Gold (Alan Cumming)
Where Were We:
Eli helped get Peter back in office, only to learn his political secret weapon —  the publicly adored Alicia — had left the new state's attorney. With his eyes still set on the governor's office, Eli decided to set up shop at Lockhart Gardner and insisted on having Alicia as his liaison, whether she liked it or not.
What's Next:
Alicia and Eli will obviously be working together more, so what will their relationship look like now that she's not with Peter? Eli will also cause a stir in the firm when he disagrees with Diane and teams up with Kalinda. Also, get ready for a closer look into the man behind the politician when Eli's ex-wife, played by Parker Posey, makes an appearance.
Biggest Burning Question:
How far is Eli willing to go to hide the Florricks' split from the public and keep Peter a Kennedy-esque figure in the eyes of voters? If Alicia is dating a man about town like Will, isn't it only so long before Peter's carriage turns back into a pumpkin? Eli is far too cunning to let his political aspirations go down the drain so quickly.

The new season of The Good Wife premieres on Sunday, Sept. 25 at 9/8c on CBS.

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