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Between Kalinda's steamy kisses with Detective Anthony Burton and her very close friendship with FBI Agent Lana Delaney, Good Wife fans have waited more than a year to find out the truth about Kalinda's sexuality. Tuesday's episode made that answer very much worth the wait.

Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) never uttered the words "gay" or "straight" once during the episode, and she didn't have to. At last, the show opened a window into the real Kalinda with the introduction of her ex-lover, Donna (Lili Taylor). Viewers not only learned that Kalinda had once been romantically involved with Donna (they share a passionate kiss at a bar), but that she had broken Donna's heart because Kalinda is not "domestic."

The Good Wife's Archie Panjabi revels in the mystery of Kalinda

Although it was not at all a surprising revelation — it's still unclear if she's lesbian or bisexual — producers waited the right amount of time to begin pulling back the curtain on Kalinda's personal life. Had Kalinda's sexuality been directly addressed right away, she might have been less intriguing. By revealing things slowly, her sexuality has become one of many interesting questions about her. With Kalinda and Blake (Scott Porter) at war — another big reveal! — there are even more layers of Kalinda to peel. What was Kalinda's real childhood and why did she lie about it? What is the real meaning behind the name "Leela?"

The biggest question now: What happens next? Does Donna know the truth about Kalinda's past (the real truth), and will she really tell Blake? Will Kalinda find a way to keep Blake's mouth shut? Will these two ever get together or are they strictly opponents from now on?

Sound off on the episode below and share your thoughts on Kalinda's revelation. Who else is hoping we see more of Taylor?